Mercedes-benz E 350 BLUETEC 3.0 DieselE7 Fuel Consumption & Efficiency

E 350 BLUETEC from Mercedes-benz is a Mid-size car with a 3.0 L diesel engine.
It has decent six cylinders and uses Diesel .
It is equipped with the Electronic automatic gearbox.
Transmission: 7-speed gearbox

Fuel consumption test for Mercedes-benz E 350 BLUETEC

This car was tested both in a city and on a highway.

Fuel consumption in L / 100km

City: 9.7 liters per 100 km
Highway: 6.1 liters per 100 km

Fuel consumption in miles / gallon

City: 29 MPG
Highway: 46 MPG

Average fuel consumption for this car is 37.5 MPG (7.9 liters per 100 km).

Is this car economical and environmentally friendly?

This factor is measured by the value of CO2 per kilometer (car releases CO2 to the atmosphere). If the value is small than yes, car is economical. If it’s big (above 300) than it will cause high petrol costs.
In case of E 350 BLUETEC 3.0 CO2 emission is 198 grams per kilometer.
This car is a little above average when it comes to fuel consumption. There are more economical alternatives on the market. However, the Fuel consumption results are not so bad.

Yearly fuel expenses for E 350 BLUETEC

If you drive 20 000 kilometers a year (that’s 12 427 miles) and spend half of that time in town while other half on open road you will end up burning 1620 liters of fuel.
Multiply 1620 with a fuel price and you will end up with a yearly fuel cost. It would be around 1863 $ if you are in Canada and year is 2012 (that’s when and where this tests were performed).


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