What to do for mosquito bites?

Since I live in Mediterranean aria filled with mosquitos of all sorts, regular, tiger mosquitos and recently some giant mosquitos that pop by only after long rainy periods, I know a few trick of handling mosquito bites.

Mosquito bite can be very itchy and reddish.

Here’s what to do if you get bitten by a nasty mosquito:

  1. Put saliva on the area of a bite. Saliva efficiently neutralizes itchy sensation.
  2. If the area is inflated than put some ice on it to cool it down.
  3. Press the spot with a finger and hold it pressed for some 10 seconds. You can use two fingers also and hold the spot with them while gently pressing.
  4. Don’t itch. As much as it invites you, stay away from itching because itching it too much can open a wound and you’ll have blood all over.
  5. Apply yogurt. For some strange reason it works. Applying yogurt is also efficient when you get sunburned.

How do mosquito bites look like?

Well, this is a fine example:


If you have any other idea let me know.


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